About Anja Bull

Anja Bull is working on some beautiful pots

In my youth, I noticed a teapot on display in a library. If only I had had enough money for the teapot, I would have bought it, but I couldn't afford it.

So I signed up for a pottery course but was told that a teapot was too ambitious, that it was best, to begin with, a cup. It turned into a cup with a lizard as a handle.

The following year, I bought a cheap kick wheel and started to mold my first teapot. Like the cup, the teapot got a lid with a cat, and the next teapot, a large salamander.

In 2017 Michael and I moved to Bornholm. We bought a charming house in Rønne with space for my ceramics in the basement, a good electric pottery wheel, as well as a small pottery kiln that would just about fit down the basement stairs.
In my workshop, I refine my handmade cups and pots, though I also move outside my teapot universe with
cream jugs, sugar bowls, plates, etc. This year we renovated the bathroom with tiles from my workshop.

We have a Danish-Swedish Farmdog that comes along for regular walks at the beach and in the forest. Nature is a vital element and remarkable life force that inspires me in my ceramic works. Also designs, shapes and colours are a great inspiration to me.
I like to use the colours cobalt blue, semi-matt turquoise, green, and orange in combination with the colour of the clay.

Anja Bull chosen glaze of colours
Anja Bull workshop in Norregade 39 Rønne

I sell my ceramics in my workshop - Take a peek at some of my ceramic works in the gallery.

Customers can call from Sunday to Thursday or alternatively send an e-mail at info@anjabullkeramik.dk or text me at +45 25 78 44 09 .

Hand sanitizer is always available in my workshop.